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Soil Nitrate, September 2021

Nitrogen Management in a Drought Begins with a Soil Test

Iowa State University (ISU) predictive models indicate in 2021, many areas of Iowa have more nitrogen (N) than an average fall. There could be an opportunity for farmers to spread out or delay input costs and avoid sending excess N downstream.

4R Plus encourages farmers to work with their ag retailer or CCA to test soil this fall to verify N levels.

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4R Plus:

It means dollars and makes sense

Today, the business case for healthy soils is stronger than ever. Thanks to a better understanding of soil management, you know that healthier soil helps retain nutrients and moisture – and can generate a corresponding rise in productivity, profitability and resiliency. It also can increase the value of your land for the next generation.

4R Plus involves using precise 4R nutrient management and conservation practices to provide nutrients when the crop needs them and to enhance soil health and improve water quality. The goal is to achieve a more productive crop now and in the future.

The 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship





The “Plus” Includes Soil Health Practices Like:

Reducing tillage
Planting cover crops
Adding structures such as contour strips, grass waterways, stream buffers or terraces