Success Stories

When one of us adopts 4R Plus, it matters.
When all of us do, it’s transformative.

Farmers across Iowa are implementing 4R Plus practices to help ensure better soil health, higher productivity and cleaner water.

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"I use nutrient management practices and changed my tillage practices to strip tillage. I’ve also incorporated cover crops. When I consider the money I spend on different types of insurance to protect my assets, my most important asset as a farmer is my land."

Tim Smith | Corn and Soybean Farmer
Wright County, Iowa

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"I use strip-tillage, strip-cropping, variable-rate nutrients and cover crops. I started the conservation practices for economic reasons, especially strip-tilling. A neighbor wanted me to try strip-cropping. We found out that the economic benefits from it are tremendous, and it’s also a great conservation piece. It keeps the soil intact and actually holds more snow in the wintertime."

Dean Sponheim | Corn and Soybean Farmer
Mitchell County, Iowa

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"I know that if we don’t take care of the ground, the ground isn’t going to take care of us. We feel it is our legacy to leave the farm in better shape than when we got it."

Jolene Riessen | Corn and Soybean Farmer
Ida and Sac counties, Iowa

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"I did an equipment cost analysis for eight years and concluded I was saving $65 per acre in equipment and $27 an acre in labor costs each year with a combination of strip-till/no-till compared to conventional tillage. Using no-till, strip-till and cover crops, I’ve seen organic matter levels grow from 3 percent in 1984 to 4 to 6 percent in 2015."

Wayne Fredericks | Corn and Soybean Farmer
Mitchell County, Iowa