4R Plus Practices Enhance Rented Farmland

Encouraging 4R Plus Practices on Rented Farmland

More than half of Iowa’s farmland is owned by non-operating landowners (NOLs). Research conducted by American Farmland Trust reveals NOLs overwhelmingly view their farmer-operator as an important source of information about practices that improve soil health and protect natural resources. 4R Plus encourages tenants to start a conversation with landlords to increase the adoption of conservation and 4R nutrient stewardship practices on rented land.

Sharon Krause

Connecting Conservation-Minded Landowners and Tenants

Find out what non-operating landowners are doing to encourage the adoption of 4R Plus practices on rented land.

Liz Pierce and her daughters

Couple Merges Passion for Crops, Conservation and Cattle

Boone County’s Bret and Liz Pierce have merged their passion for crops and cattle and together work to improve soil health while protecting water quality.

Mollie Aronowitz

Multiyear Commitments Pay Off in Multiple Ways

Mollie Aronowitz with Peoples Company recommends using leases as discussion starters between non-operating landowners and tenants to adopt 4R Plus practices.

Iowa Farmer Kay

Conservation a Top Priority to Non-Operating Landowners

Non-operating landowners rate conservation as a top priority because it helps maintain a farm’s value, says Hertz Farm Management, Inc.

Andersen family farmers Iowa

Dedication to Protecting the Soil Gets Noticed

Grundy County’s Eric Andersen has a reputation for taking care of his valuable farmland. That’s something landowners have noticed.


NOLs Trust Farm Operators (Tenants) to Care for Their Land

Iowa Corn has compiled stories featuring tenants working with their landlord to adopt 4R Plus practices. Discussion guides and lease addendums for a variety of conservation practices are also available.


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Women Caring for the Land

A large portion of NOLs are women, who may not have had much to say in farm management decisions in the past. The Women Food & Ag Network provides support to women landowners through their peer-to-peer meetings, educational opportunities and other resources.


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Dedicated to Keeping Rented Farmland Resilient

Practical Farmers of Iowa has compiled resources and information to ensure farmland is resilient, sustainable and profitable for landowners and tenants alike.


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