Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) Certification Courses

Certified Crop Adviser Continuing Education Units Available

We are pleased to offer you five courses that are available for Continuing Education Units credits. Successful completion of each online course and the 10-question quiz will qualify you for 0.5 credits in either the Soil & Water Management or Nutrient Management category. A total of 2.5 credits is available after completing all five of the courses.


To complete the 4R Plus courses on the 4R Learning website, click here to create an account. Be sure to provide your CCA number if you want to receive CCA credits. If you have any questions during the account creation process, or when accessing the 4R Plus courses, contact our support team at 317-818-1868 or info@achievainc.com.

Browse Our CCA Courses:

4R and Conservation Practices Based on All Iowa Landscapes

There are 4R Plus practices that can be implemented on virtually any farm regardless of topography, such as 4R nutrient stewardship practices, cover crops and reduced tillage. Learn about the agronomic, conservation and land management practices that can work in every region of the state.

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4R and Conservation Practices Based on Sloping Iowa Landscapes

Learn about the 4R Plus practices that can be used on sloping landscapes that are not tile drained. These practices reduce soil erosion and therefore, particulate phosphorus losses from fields. Practices such as contour farming can be applied to the topography of the field while others are physical structures such as terraces.

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4R and Conservation Practices Based on Flat and Tile-Drained Iowa Landscapes

Learn about edge-of-field 4R Plus practices best suited for flatter and tile-drained landscapes, such as bioreactors and saturated buffers, that direct tile water into treatment areas to remove nitrates and sediment.

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4R Nutrient Stewardship

The 4Rs of nutrient stewardship – right source, right rate, right time and right place – are important in order to optimize yield potential while minimizing nutrient losses from fields. Learn about each of the 4Rs and why it’s important to have a nutrient plan.

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The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy

Learn about the nutrient reduction goals established by the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and why understanding these goals and how nutrient losses occur is important when choosing 4R Plus practices.

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Set Goals With Your Trusted Crop Adviser

Shawn Richmond, director of environmental technology, Agribusiness Association of Iowa, encourages farmers to talk with their trusted crop adviser about setting reasonable goals and determining the 4R Plus practices that help improve the soil.