By: 4R Plus
January 2019

It’s a well-known fact that farmers want to make the most of their most valuable asset – the land beneath their feet. Thanks to an understanding of soil management, it’s known that healthier soil retains more nutrients and moisture. This generates a corresponding rise in productivity, profitability and resiliency, which increases land values now and for the next generation.

To equip farmers and landowners with the information they need to make these important decisions, 4R Plus and Iowa Corn are co-hosting farmer panels at the Iowa Power Farming Show.

The panels will take place at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa, on Tuesday, Jan. 29, and Wednesday, Jan. 30, starting at 11:15 a.m. in Room 311.

Download and print a flier with seminar information.

Julie Kenney is the Iowa Deputy of Secretary Agriculture.

“We hope you make plans to join us to gain insight from farmers who are implementing nutrient and conservation practices on their farms and seeing improvements in soil health, reducing erosion and experiencing multiple other benefits from these practices,” said Ben Gleason, sustainable program manager at Iowa Corn.

Farmer panelists will make their business cases for healthier soils to achieve a more productive crop  and deal with the changing precipitation patterns. Joining the panel of Iowa farmers is Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Julie Kenney, who farms with her husband, Mark, in Story County.

“I am excited about joining this panel to discuss the conservation efforts we employ on our farm and how that fits with the movement in this state to improve water quality for all Iowans,” said Kenney. “This is an important topic for our state, and farmers are interested in learning from other farmers that have seen changes for the better on their land.”

“Whether farmers are concerned about erosion, building organic matter or improving the overall health of their soil to hold water and nutrients, we want to provide them with information from fellow farmers to help make these important management decisions,” said Greg Wandrey, Iowa agriculture program director for The Nature Conservancy and coordinator of the 4R Plus program. “We hope you make plans to join us at the Iowa Power Farming Show to gain insights you can take back to your farm.”