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Dedication to Protecting the Soil Gets Noticed Landowner/Tenant relationship “I have found my niche as a farmer in the area that will do what is right for the land,” said Grundy County, Iowa, #farmer Eric Andersen. He works with 8 different #landowners who value his philosophy of using #4RPlus practices.



Summer 2019: Conservation Practices Helped Maximize a Wet Planting Season Mark Heckman summer story In years like this we’re reminded that #4RPlus practices go hand in hand with sustainable production of crops.” – Muscatine County, Iowa, farmer Mark Heckman. Learn about the economic benefits Heckman Farms reaps using 4R Plus practices.


Summer 2019: Improving Soil Structure Allowed for Timely Planting Roger Zylstra summer story “The #4RPlus practices I use, like #notill & #covercrops, allowed me to push the front end of the planting window.” – Jasper County, Iowa, farmer Roger Zylstra. Find out what he has learned about #soilhealth on his farm through the years.

Summer 2019: 4R Plus Practices Have Cumulative Effect Curt Mether summer story The #conservation practices we have in place on our #farm helped us get the crop in this spring. I’m grateful for a system that preserves the #soil,” – Western Iowa farmer Curt Mether. Learn how crops are progressing on his farm. #4RPlus


Summer 2019: Cover Crops Provide Multiple Benefits to Northern Iowa Farmer Doug Adams summer story “It’s possible I’ve been using #notill & #striptill along with #covercrops long enough to see the payback.” – Humboldt County, Iowa farmer Doug Adams. Learn about the #soilhealth benefits he sees through the growing season from using #4RPlus practices.


Prevented Plant Provides Opportunity to Experiment with Cover Crops Seasonal farmers answer Prevent Plant question Humboldt County, Iowa’s Doug Adams encourages farmers to consider their crop rotation plans for 2020 when selecting a #covercrop. Get more tips from #4RPlus farmers.

Farmer Reaps Benefits from Using 4R Plus Practices 4R Plus approach “I attribute my accelerating yield curve to the #4RPlus plan I continue to modify each year.” – #4R Grower Advocate winner Darin Stolte, Jones County, Iowa. Learn about the #conservation & nutrient stewardship practices he uses & the benefits seen.


Sharing Information Can Bridge the Divide with Landowners Landowner/Tenant Dr. Wendong Zhang encourages tenants and landowners to communicate with each other and share what’s happening on the farm.

Rate of 4R Plus Practice Adoption Continues to Rise Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll The Iowa Farm & Rural life Poll: 2018 Summary Report conducted by @ISUExtension demonstrates the percentage of #farmers who are adopting #4RPlus practices continues to rise. This shows progress toward reaching Iowa’s clean water goals.

Spring 2019: Using Conservation Practices to Manage a Tough Spring Spring planting/Curt Mether Western Iowa #farmer Curt Mether is managing tough spring weather conditions with #4RPlus practices. Learn how he manages the soil on the steep Loess Hills.

Spring 2019: No-Till Improves Planting Conditions Spring planting/Roger Zylstra Spring is an exercise in patience Jasper County, Iowa’s @Mr_Zylstra has practiced for many years. He uses #4RPlus practices to improve #soilhealth and support machinery. Learn about the practices he uses in the spring. #4RPlus

Spring 2019: Waiting for ‘Just Right’ Soil Conditions Spring planting/Mark Heckman For the 2019 growing season, southeast Iowa #farmer @wlheckman_mark is applying nutrients based on soil samples and yield goals. It’s important to Heckman to maintain high yields with fewer inputs to save money. #4RPlus

Spring 2019: No-Till and Strip-Till System has Benefits During Planting Season Spring planting/Doug Adams “In my experience, switching to #notill & #striptill doesn’t result in a drop in yield & you see #soilhealth & water quality benefits quickly.” – Humboldt County, Iowa, #farmer @FarmerDoug93. Learn what’s happening on his farm this spring. #4RPlus #plant19

Focusing on Soil Health and Utilizing Input Investments Doug Adams Bio #Soilhealth is sparking new interest in how farmers look at managing farms. It’s exciting to learn new things; it keeps me engaged in what I’m doing.” – Humboldt County, Iowa, farmer @FarmerDoug93. Learn about the #4RPlus practices he uses & the benefits.

Passing on a Conservation Legacy Roger Zylstra bio “I want to be known as a responsible farmer that isn’t afraid to find creative solutions.” – @Mr_Zylstra, Jasper County, Iowa, farmer. Learn about this 2nd-generation farmer who uses a variety of #4RPlus practices and reaps multiple benefits.

Doing Things Differently to Preserve Topsoil Curt Mether bio “In the Loess Hills, topsoil is valuable. It’s important to be open to doing things differently.” – Curt Mether, Monona County, Iowa. Learn about this 3rd-generation farmer who uses a variety of #4RPlus practices to build #soilhealth.

Adding Practices and Maintaining Top-End Yields Mark Heckman bio “Our family is committed to being good stewards to the land. We look for ways to farm smarter by using #4RPlus practices.” – @wlheckman_mark, Muscatine County, Iowa. Learn why he uses a variety of #conservation and nutrient practices to improve the farm.

4R Plus Practices Make ‘Dollars and Sense’ to Southeastern Iowa Family Economics of 4R Plus Practices “In years like this we’re reminded that #4RPlus practices go hand in hand with sustainable production of crops, which is important to our family,” says Muscatine County, Iowa, farmer @wlheckman_mark. Learn about the #conservation and nutrient practices he uses and the benefits.

Seasonal Crop Reports homepage Links to four farmer bios A variety of #4RPlus practices are used on Iowa’s landscape. Learn about the practices 4 #farmers from different regions utilize, along with the benefits. Each has a different story, but a shared goal – improve #soilhealth and water quality.

Edge-of-Field Practices Enhance Water Quality Keegan Kult, ADMC and farmer Lee Tesdell Edge-of-field practices provide farmers with immediate gratification because the water-quality benefits are quickly measurable. Learn about these #4RPlus practices.

Central Iowa Family Encourages Farmers to Add 4R Plus Practices Mark and Julie Kenney discuss 4R Plus practices “There are numerous practices farmers can use within fields, as well as edge-of-field practices, to make sure the soil and water is protected now and in the future,” says @JulieKenneyIA. Learn why #4RPlus practices are the right thing for farms.

Integrating Crop and Livestock Systems with Cover Crops Economics of cover crops with livestock Tim Daly of Dubuque County, Iowa, prefers a mix of oats, rye and radishes for his #covercrop seed mix, as he uses it to graze his #cattle and improve #soilhealth. Learn about the other benefits Daly has observed by adding #4RPlus practices to his farm.

Conservation Mapping Project Verifies Iowa’s Proven Track Record Iowa DNR’s Adam Schnieders discusses mapping project Iowa’s innovative mapping of #conservation practices demonstrates farmers have a history of making positive changes. Learn how this project provides a benchmark for measuring progress in the future. #4RPlus

Soil Structure Put to the Test During Challenging Harvest Doug Adams discusses benefits of no-till and cover crops By changing tillage practices, @farmerdoug93 changed the structure of his soil. He encourages farmers to take a look at their fields to see where the greatest erosion & compaction is occurring & choose #4RPlus practices that will make a difference.

Is Your Soil Prepared for the Future? Rick Cruse of ISU’s Iowa Water Center discusses soil loss Dr. Rick Cruse with the @IowaWaterCenter says soil erosion is occurring 10X faster than it’s being renewed in Iowa. Learn more about erosion and the importance of using #4RPlus practices to protect our valuable soil.

Cost Share Opportunities Designed to Help Farmers with Conservation Practices Matt Lechtenberg, IDALS, discusses cost share. Farmer Tim Smith shares his insights. Learn how farmers are working with state agencies through cost share programs to improve #soilhealth and water quality. Wright County, Iowa, farmer Tim Smith shares his experiences. #4RPlus

What You Need to Know About Implementing a Cover Crops Strategy Wayne Fredericks discusses benefits of cover crops #Notill and #striptill can improve success with #covercrops. Mitchell County, Iowa, farmer @wrfredericks encourages farmers to learn something new and have the patience to make it work. Learn more about these #4RPlus practices.