The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Iowa named Paige Frautschy Agriculture Program Director.

May 13, 2020

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[Des Moines, Iowa] – The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Iowa named Paige Frautschy Agriculture Program Director. Returning to her rural Iowa roots, Frautschy brings a passion for agriculture and conservation along with experience developing programs for TNC Wisconsin aimed to improve soil health and water quality.

In her new role, Frautschy, who is also a certified crop adviser (CCA), leads the 4R Plus program. Launched in 2018, 4R Plus provides education and tools to farmers, agronomist and CCAs to improve soil health and protect Iowa’s natural resources. The program is supported by more than 50 organizations that are unified with a mission to support farmers’ efforts implementing precise nutrient management and conservation practices.

Acknowledging the financial challenges facing agriculture, Frautschy says Iowa’s hard-working farmers need creative solutions to grow food and protect the environment. “I am pleased to be in a position where I can lead an initiative that supports farmers’ efforts to keep their businesses viable and successful in a changing world.”

In her previous role as Agriculture Strategies Manager for TNC Wisconsin, Frautschy worked alongside farmers, agriculture industry professionals and fellow TNC staff to promote sustainable agriculture practices across the state. “She was successful working with various public and private organizations to elevate the importance of how soil health and water quality are tied together, which equips her to hit the ground running with the 4R Plus program,” says Susanne Hickey, Iowa TNC Director of Conservation Programs.

“I am confident that along with her experience and skills, as well as her passion for agriculture and the environment, Frautschy will build on the successes of the 4R Plus program,” added Hickey.

Frautschy received her Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from the University of Northern Iowa and a Master of Science in agroecology from the University of Wisconsin. Her graduate work involved assessing the potential of pearl millet as a cover crop in the Wisconsin Central Sands.

“I am excited to return to Iowa where my love for agriculture and conservation began, and work with farmers and 4R Plus supporters to elevate awareness about soil health and water quality,” says Frautschy. “Iowa farmers are blessed with rich soil and strive to be sustainable by managing their resources to grow food for the world now and in the future.”

About 4R Plus
4R Plus is a nutrient management and conservation program to make farmers aware of practices that bolster production, build soil health and improve water quality in Iowa. The program is guided by a coalition of more than 50 organizations, including agribusinesses, conservation organizations, commodity and trade associations, government agencies and academic institutions. To learn more, visit Follow @4RPlus on Twitter.